Onet.Cloud – cloud computing for professionals (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).
Enterprise Public Cloud infrastructure.

What is Onet.Cloud?

Onet.Cloud is a public cloud computing for demanding (Enterprise Public Cloud) based on the best practices of world leaders in cloud computing technology. Onet.Cloud is a modern platform for IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), which enables you to implement solutions Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).

Onet.Cloud uniqueness compared to existing competitors to install their own infrastructure in two data centers, application technology, high availability (HA servers and storage) and high data protection (backup to LTO) and connections (firewall, VPN). Group for 16 years successfully developed the most popular Polish Internet portal with dozens of technology services. He owns two independent Data Centers and the IT infrastructure on which the service is performed. It has a large team of engineers who ensure the highest quality of IT services. Through the experience of our team, technology leaders in the field of cloud computing (IBM and VMware) and held its own two data centers to guarantee high availability services Onet.Cloud even at the level of 99.95% per annum.

To whom Onet.Cloud is addressed?

Onet.Cloud is directed to those companies and institutions that, despite the fact that they know well the characteristics of cloud computing, have not yet taken a decision to move forward with this solution because:

  • concerns about entrusting data to multinational company where the data is processed “somewhere” in the world,
  • low credibility of the local service provider clouds,
  • insufficient reliability offered cloud infrastructure.

All data in Onet.Cloud are processed in a particular place (Onet.DataCenter located in Krakow, Poland) and procedures of data processing are in compliance with Polish and European law to allow safe processing of personal data by operating on the Polish and European Internet market from the very beginning.

Onet.Cloud solves the problem of rapid IT infrastructure availability and easy scalability for enterprise business needs. Allows you to control costs, the growth of which is directly proportional to the infrastructure used. Lowers the barrier to entry into the possession of safe and efficient IT infrastructure with high reliability, which is often unavailable in the internal IT infrastructure.

What are the specific benefits of Onet.Cloud?

Lack of the initial cost of ownership of IT infrastructure.

Linear cost of IT infrastructure development (classical model of infrastructure requires the purchase of IT equipement – in Onet.Cloud pay only for used infrastructure).

Scalability and flexibility of infrastructure – adding new servers and removing unwanted done by simple actions performed via the web interface.

Compliance with the Polish and European laws regarding the processing of personal data. In particular, the known location of data processing (data centers).

Resistance to American law – an amendment to the 2008 FISA permits the inspection of U.S. companies without a court order if the data is outside the U.S. and do not apply to U.S. citizens.

Ability to quickly implement solutions Platform as a Service and Software as a Service.

Ability to work a number of IT staff with different levels of permissions such as:

  • project manager, who is respossible for assuming and / or accepting services,
  • administrators who have proper rights for place orders for new services (which requires approval by the manager)
  • operators who may only stop or restart a service directly from the internet.

How Onet.Cloud works?

Onet.Cloud is a service, that was designed, to not tolerate compromise solutions. We use a solution of leaders in the field of virtualization, cloud computing and security with all the functionality on the reliability and high availability.

Virtual servers work directly on disk arrays rather than on local disks, which, together with the applied technologies HA high availability IBM and VMware protects against physical server failures. Data replication between arrays (which are located in two different data centers) will transfer all client services in the event of failure at the primary data center, to secondary data center without data loss or downtime, continuously.

We provide to client, as an addition to virtual servers with different operating systems, advanced network services and additional storage consisting of:

Several subnet: public (with a public IP address), private (with addressing private) and dedicated for storage infrastructure (used to access additional disk resources)

VPN services used to secure administrative access to servers

Firewall service used to build security at the connection of the public network to the Internet, but also between public and private networks,

Services for additional storage (file-based) for access to data by all client servers or for backup.


Multiprocessor servers, the IBM System X37xx of 10 GE cards.
BM NSeries type arrays.
Firewall and VPN systems from Juniper.
The system of two IBM tape robots located in two data centers.


IBM Cloud Service Provider Platform.
VMware vCenter.
BM TMS to perform backup work based on two IBM tape libraries using the cloning functionality.

The described solution provide the highest possible stability and continuity of our customers services.

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